Psychedelic Paint By Number Animals – What Teens Need

Psychedelic Paint By Number Animals

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Tired of sitting around with nothing new to do? Looking for a project that will inspire you AND give you something awesome to put up in your personal space when you are done? Get one of these beautiful canvases and try your hand at oil paint by numbers. Painting your own masterpiece has never been easier with this paint by number kit.  All you have to do is match the paint color to the number illustrated on the canvas. It's relaxing, stress relieving, creatively satisfying and gives you your very own piece of art to hang on your wall when you are done. Get yours now!

Painting Size: 50x40cm (20X16inch)

Product: Oil Painting By Numbers Animals

Packing Include: 1 X Canvas , 3 X Brush, 1 X Instruction, 1 X Paints, 2 X Non-trace hook, 2 X Screw

Attention: If the paint is a bit dry in the process of painting  add 1 to 2 drops of water (no more) and stir well after. Finish as soon as possible (within 1 to 2 months) after opening the sketchpad.  Waiting to long could result in a negative affect to the painting.